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Congrats to all the 10K’ers! Mia, Nana, Ann, Jessica, Natalie, Shadow and I all had a beautiful walk on the Inner Burn trail yesterday. The weather was perfect. Just remember to go left at #11 to avoid a precipitous drop-off!

I have made up some road routes out of Fleet Feet for us to mix and match between Tuesday and Saturday.

Is 7:30 too late for Firefly on Thursday? I can’t make it if it is earlier. Who’s up for this Firefly?

PS I will miss all the runs from the 12th-17th. Who wants to be in charge of the routes and times?

The Schedule

Tuesday 7PM @ Fleet Feet (after NoBo): Routes (FF to Estes to Umstead to MLK and then split)

Thursday Firefly @ Pumpkin (Municipal) 730?

Saturday 6AM @ FF (before NoBo): Routes (variations on FF-Cameron-Franklin-Bolin Creek-MLK-FF)

Sunday 4PM @ Unity: Walk Outer Burn (Inner optional)


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