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A belated blazing thanksgiving to everyone!

The Gallop and Gorge was great, despite the chill and lack of official times. I don’t recommend running when you already have the chills, I spent the next thirty six hours with chills and a fever. Oops! So I missed everyone last week. I am ready to hit the road again tomorrow.

Any plans for post-NoBo tomorrow? Quick run or dinner? Who’s up for a Thursday Firefly?

Here’s a proposed schedule:

11/30: NoBo @ 6. Anyone up for another 3 or dinner

12/2: Firefly! It has been too long. Let’s break out those headlamps. 6:30 or 7 at Pumpkin?

12/4: NoBo @ 8AM. Anyone up for a post NoBo run and/or breakfast?

12/5: Anyone up for a 10:30 trail run?

12/7: NoBo @ 6 PM: quick 3 more or dinner?

12/9: Firefly @ 7:00?

12/11: Reindeer Romp for NoBo mentors.

12/12: Anyone up for a 10:30 trail run?

12/14: 6PM run: Where and how long? 5 miles?

12/16: Firefly @ 7:00?


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