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Have a Blazing Holiday Weekend   Leave a comment

Christelle, Mia, Wendy, Carolyn, Oscar and I braved a chilly evening to run a couple of loops of Pumpkin (kudos to Carolyn and Oscar for doing an extra one) last night! Natalie and her sister joined us at Tyler’s for some Milk Chocolate Stout and other goodies!

I won’t be able to make a weekend run, but someone else can step up and plan one to burn off some christmas calories! If not, see you all next Tuesday at 6 behind Armadillo!

I would like to echo Susan’s holiday wishes, but could not be so eloquent. Let me know say thanks to you all for making the Soles so much fun. Happy Holidays!


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Thursday Firefly: 6pm @ Pumpkin, Carrboro Tyler’s afterward   Leave a comment

Thanks to Christeelle, Aimee, Rob, Sarah, Jess, Tracey, Roger, Wendy, Lynn, Carolyn, Natalie & Oscar for coming out last night for our campus 4 miler. Congrts to Sarah, Aimee and Wendy for kicking it up a notch from NoBo!

Tomorrow night: Firefly: 6pm @ Pumpkin (2 loops or just 1), Carrboro Tyler’s afterward! Meet at the Municipal Drive Lot (going north on MLK from Estes, first left onto Municipal and first right onto gravel road to lot at end). Bring some light!

Let’s celebrate a few cold miles with some beer and fries afterward. If you can’t make the run (e.g. Nat), meet us 7:15ish at Tyler’s on Main St. in Carrboro.

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Schedule this week 12/20 and next   Leave a comment

Tonight (Tuesday): Run through campus. Meet at NoBo parking lot bebind Armadilla @ 6. 4 or 6 miles. Bike Path – Cameron – South (4) or Manning (6) – Country club – Boundary – Franklin – Main. WSM for dinner afterward?

Thursday: Who is up for a Firefly at 6? We can do pumpkin or try the johnson mill trails from sunday.

Saturday (Christmas): I won’t be here but that does not meet that the soles can’t meet up.

Tuesday (28th): 6 PM route TBA. Suggestions? bolin creek anyone? Eastwood lake? or Campus out of carrboro?

thursday (30th): More fireflying

Saturday (1st): Carrboro 50k? I will do a few loops.

Sunday (2ns): Little River training run in Johnson Mill?

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Weekend Running Plans   Leave a comment

On Saturday, I think we should meet at community center on s. estes (park in univ. mall if there are no spots) at 11 AM and run Bolin Creek – MLK – Franklin for four miles. The MLK hill is very long and tough, so new Soles should expect to walk it! For an extra two, just look the hospital. Sound good? The weather won’t be great, but should not be too bad either.

On Sunday, I was originally thinking of a 10:30 trail run from CHHS. The TGs have suggested a trail out in Chatham County. Anyone up for exploring?


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Blazing Holiday Run & Fun   Leave a comment

The Blazing Holiday Run & Fun tonight in a hilly and chilly Southern Village. Contact me or Nana for details!

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Schedule this week & BS on Facebook   Leave a comment

The Blazing Soles are now on Facebook! Just search for ‘Blazing Soles’ and we come up.

Who’s up for running this week?

Tuesday: NoBo plus 3 around Carrboro?

Thursday: Anyone want to Firefly in the cold?

Saturday. NoBo Mentors will be in Cary for the Reindeer Romp Any ideas for organizing a run after?

Sunday: Run with the TGs at 10:30? Meet at CHHS across from Unity.

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BS @ Gallop & Gorge: Part III   1 comment

More photos thanks to Rob!

Soles in Chaos


Soles in Waiting


Mia, Carolyn & Don


BS Cheering Section






Chirstelle & Mia


Kaitlin, Tracey & Jess






An honorary sole


Alycia & Mary


Roger, tim & Kaitlin

and that’s all folks!


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