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Picnic Sunday   Leave a comment

Sunday’s Mill Run was great. We had five mill newbies – Domo, Deb, Libby, Diana, and Danine (sp?) – plus Carolyn, Shadow, Jess and Christelle and me. The warm weather knocked Shadow for a loop, so he came home to a much-needed brushing. I got a bit lost and took Deba nd Libby for an extra hill workout!

Runs this week:

  • Tuesday: 5 miles with Next Steps @ 6.
  • Wednesday: 3 miles with NoBo (plus more after?
  • Thursday: Anyone up for a 7pm firefly?
  • Saturday: 3 with NoBo or 8 with Next Steps
  • Sunday: Run at 10 at the Mill, picnic to follow

Any ideas for the picnic? We are thinking to meet at the site of the old mill not far from the lot on Turkey Farm Rd. Let’s go potluck. Now I need to figure out what to bring.


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mill Run tomorrow at 9   Leave a comment

What a nice weekend!

A bunch of us have committed to run the Mill tomorrow at 9. I am looking toward to it! As is Shadow…

Directions: go north on MLK past 40. Take a right on Mt. Sinai. The parking lot is on the right a bit more than a mile in.

See you there!

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Soles Week (2/21)   Leave a comment

What a weekend! Great running weather. And the miles are adding up. Nana, Carolyn and I all logged in over 30 miles last week and I am just we are just a few. The Mill was great yesterday morning (as was the omelet at Foster’s after)!

Next Steps and NoBo are in full swing this week

  • Tuesday: 4.5ish with NS @ 6
  • Wednesday: 3ish with NoBo @ 6 + a second loop for some Sole stretching afterward!
  • Thursday: NS track workout @ 6 – at UNC?
  • Saturday: NoBo ~3 and NS ~6.5. I will be hitting the road at 7 for an extra 4.
  • Sunday: The Mill – anyone want to hit it a little earlier at 9 instead of 10

My mom will be in town later this week for the weekend. I will see if she can be cajoled into doing some baking for the Soles. no promises, though, as she only likes to use her own oven.

Roanoke Soles: Looks like we have shelter. Next up: transport & pre-race dinner. Libby & Nana found an Applebee’s near the hotel that should meet all dietray, tast and budgetary considerations for the dozen (or more) of us heading north. Should we plan dinner at 7:30 or 8 to give stragglers a chance to get there? Next weekend is our last long run! Good luck. Anyone up for a pre-Roanoke trail run/picnic on the 6th at the Mill?

Philosophizing Soles: May 7 @ 8AM 15k and 7k races on home turf! For those not volunteering, who is for a spin?

What runs are on the radar after the Philosopher’s Way? It gets hot, but I would love to have soem races to steer my training by.

PS I am trying out my new five finger KSOs at the office today. Jury is still not in yet.

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Soles Schedule (2/14 – 2/21) + Free Yoga   Leave a comment

Free Yoga: FSYC teachers are coming Tuesday to NS and Wednesday to NoBo and giving out coupons for 5 (yes, 5) free classes!

Sunday at the Mill was awesome! Just two of us (plus Shadow) made it (serious Uwharie recovery needed, eh?). The weather was just too nice and the trail was gorgeous.

The weather is warming up, so I hope to see lots of Soles this week!

  • Tues: 4.1 with Next Steps @ 6
  • Wed: 2+ with NoBo @ 6
  • Thurs: Firefly @ 6? It has been a while! Who’s up for it?
  • Sat: Lake Loop after NoBo/NS ~ 9:30 or so?
  • NoBo: ~3 miles @ 8
  • Next Steps: 6.1 @ 8

Sun: Mill Run (~5 miles) @ 10? Vitamin P after?Who is in for Firefly and/or the Mill Run?

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Running this week (2/8 – 2/13)   Leave a comment

Congrats to the Uwharie warrior soles!

Today: Next Steps is doing 4 through campus at 6. Everyone welcome!

Wednesday: NoBo doing 2ish at 6.

Thursday: Next Steps is doing a track workout 6PM @ UNC Trrack.


  • NoBo/NS @ 8AM, so your choice of 2.5ish and 5ish.
  • Lake Loop afterward for all us crazies. My guess would be 9:15 or 9:30.

Sunday: Johnson Mill at 10 for 4-5 miles?

Mutinees welcome!

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Runs this week 2/1   Leave a comment

Hola Soles!

First of all, good luck to everyone doing Uwharie! Come back safe and sound (if sore and soaked)!

I am headed out of town for a long weekend Thursday, so I will miss Firefly, Saturday mentoring and Sunday’s trail run.

  • Tuesday: Next Steps is doing about 4 miles tonight.
  • Wednesday: NoBo is doing a couple miles
  • Thursday: Anyone up for a Firefly?
  • Saturday: Fleet Feet is short on mentors (due to Uwharie): Any volunteer substitutes? NoBo must be doing around 2 and Next Steps is doing 5.
  • Sunday: Johnson Mill anyone?

When I get back next week, I will start compiling the list of us going to Roanoke Canal. Then we can start organizing and a place to stay.

If I don’t see you tonight, have a great weekend.

Email me, Mia or natalie if you can lend a hand on Saturday.


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