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What a weekend! Great running weather. And the miles are adding up. Nana, Carolyn and I all logged in over 30 miles last week and I am just we are just a few. The Mill was great yesterday morning (as was the omelet at Foster’s after)!

Next Steps and NoBo are in full swing this week

  • Tuesday: 4.5ish with NS @ 6
  • Wednesday: 3ish with NoBo @ 6 + a second loop for some Sole stretching afterward!
  • Thursday: NS track workout @ 6 – at UNC?
  • Saturday: NoBo ~3 and NS ~6.5. I will be hitting the road at 7 for an extra 4.
  • Sunday: The Mill – anyone want to hit it a little earlier at 9 instead of 10

My mom will be in town later this week for the weekend. I will see if she can be cajoled into doing some baking for the Soles. no promises, though, as she only likes to use her own oven.

Roanoke Soles: Looks like we have shelter. Next up: transport & pre-race dinner. Libby & Nana found an Applebee’s near the hotel that should meet all dietray, tast and budgetary considerations for the dozen (or more) of us heading north. Should we plan dinner at 7:30 or 8 to give stragglers a chance to get there? Next weekend is our last long run! Good luck. Anyone up for a pre-Roanoke trail run/picnic on the 6th at the Mill?

Philosophizing Soles: May 7 @ 8AM 15k and 7k races on home turf! For those not volunteering, who is for a spin?

What runs are on the radar after the Philosopher’s Way? It gets hot, but I would love to have soem races to steer my training by.

PS I am trying out my new five finger KSOs at the office today. Jury is still not in yet.


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