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Sunday’s Mill Run was great. We had five mill newbies – Domo, Deb, Libby, Diana, and Danine (sp?) – plus Carolyn, Shadow, Jess and Christelle and me. The warm weather knocked Shadow for a loop, so he came home to a much-needed brushing. I got a bit lost and took Deba nd Libby for an extra hill workout!

Runs this week:

  • Tuesday: 5 miles with Next Steps @ 6.
  • Wednesday: 3 miles with NoBo (plus more after?
  • Thursday: Anyone up for a 7pm firefly?
  • Saturday: 3 with NoBo or 8 with Next Steps
  • Sunday: Run at 10 at the Mill, picnic to follow

Any ideas for the picnic? We are thinking to meet at the site of the old mill not far from the lot on Turkey Farm Rd. Let’s go potluck. Now I need to figure out what to bring.



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