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Ten dedicated Soles hit the Mill for a soaking 4+ miles yesterday! No picnic, though, with the downpour, so plan for another try in a few weeks. A few more Mill newbies this weekend; Rob, Anne and Emily. I tried in vain to keep up with Emily who politely waited for me at each signpost. I have not been this sore after a run in a while! Besides the newbies, Tracey, Jess, Diana, Kim, Kelly and Mary H., plus me and the mutt, made our shoes squelchy. I should have brought Shadow’s shampoo as he was already soaked and needs a bath. Ah well.

This week is Roanoke Rapids week. Between the Soles and TGs, there are eighteen of us heading north for the trail half!. Saturday’s NoBo and NS will be short mentors, so please lend a hand if you can.

This week:

  • Tuesday: Next Steps is doing 5ish at 6
  • Wednesday: NoBo is doing 3ish at 6
  • Thursday: NS’ track workout at 6, location TBA
  • Saturday: NoBo’s 3ish and NS’ 8.5ish
  • Sunday: Feel free to run the Mill without me!

Have a blazing week!


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