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Merry Monday mornin’ all!

Johnson Mill had its second Sole-free Sunday yesterday! Too much recovery going on. Let’s get back to the Mill after Chriselle’s next weekend.

Save your Sunday afternoon! Sole Chicken Run at Christelle’s with festivities and food to follow. Further details forthcoming. [Anyone going by the airport @ 3ish on the way to Christelle's? I know that it is on the way :).]

Runs this week

  • Tuesday: Next Steps @ 6 is doing 5ish.
  • Wednesday: NoBo @ 6 is doing 3ish.
  • Thursday: Next Steps @ 6 is doing a track workout. Firefly to follow?
  • Saturday: NoBo is doing 3ish? and Next Steps 7 @ 8AM.
  • Sunday: Mill run?

I spotted the follwoing greenway news in the CH town email this week. Watch the Chapel Hill VID at tor a synopsis.

Subject: Town of Chapel Hill: Chapel Hill eNews

13. Trail to reveal "hidden gem" on Morgan Creek

Work that began in April 2010 on the Morgan Creek Trail is nearing completion later this spring or early summer 2011. The new trail will provide access to a hidden gem of open space to the south and west of Fordham Boulevard, a woodland corridor that James Taylor called "Copperline."

Morgan Creek Trail is located on the north side of Morgan Creek, from Merritt Pasture to a new parking lot east of Kingswood Apartments. The Town of Chapel Hill was awarded $347,000 in federal stimulus funding for the $1.2 million project.

Bill Webster, Town of Chapel Hill Parks and Recreation assistant director, said that an exciting development in the project was the installation of two pedestrian bridges over Morgan Creek earlier this month. Watch the Chapel Hill VID at

Currently, there is limited public access to the Morgan Creek area, which is protected by a conservation easement. The 92-acre nature preserve stretches along Morgan Creek from Merritt Pasture to the Chapel Hill town limit at Smith Level Road. The land is bounded by Merritt Pasture on the east, the Carrboro Town line on the west, Culbreth Road to the south, and Fordham Boulevard to the north. The open space was amassed in a series of acquisitions that were finalized in March 2007.

The first phase of the Morgan Creek Trail construction will be nearly one mile in length and will extend from a new parking lot east of the Kingswood Apartments to Merritt’s Pasture. The trail alignment was selected to minimize tree removal. The project will include a parking lot on the west end of the trail with access off of Highway NC 54, two bridges and a boardwalk. The majority of the trail will be 10 feet wide and constructed of concrete.

Phase Two of the project is expected to begin in 2012. This will connect Phase One of the Morgan Creek Trail with the existing Fan Branch Trail. The combined trails will be about three miles long and will connect Southern Community Park, Southern Village, Scroggs School, Merritt’s Pasture, and open space along Morgan Creek. Phase Two will likely be completed in late 2012 or early 2013.

Chapel Hill is creating a network of more than 38 miles of linear open space. The total land area of Chapel Hill is 21.3 square miles, and about 11 percent of this is dedicated to parks and open space. There are about 1,200 acres of park, open space, and greenway easements totaling 12 miles of trails.

For more information, contact Bill Webster at bwebster.


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