Gearing up for a Rugged Tar Heel 10!   Leave a comment

A frosty morning! It’s a good thing we have some blazing soles to keep us warm…

Thank you very much and merci mille fois to Christelle and her husband, Steve, for inviting us over for a fun run and great food. We have a candidate for BS mascot! Guinness, who lives a mile down the road from Christelle, shepherded down Teer Road and back yesterday! She was ready to come home with us and join the Soles. Back at Chirstelle’s, we had home-made pizza, home-brewed beer and Jess-baked oreo crumb cheesecake cookies! Then we spent a while picking up cute chicks (and ducklings, too). And Natalie is now the Sole Champion of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon!

Merci, Christelle, de toutes les semelles de plomb un poulailler et une grande fête!

Runs this week

  • Tuesday: Next Steps @ 6
  • Wednesday: NoBo @ 6
  • Thursday: Next Steps track workout at 6 – who’s up for firefly at 7?
  • Saturday: NoBo/Next Steps @ 8: Tapering for Tar Heel 10
  • Sunday: Johnson Mill @ 10: Be there or be home in bed!
  • Any other runs?

Rugged Maniacs! Anyone else want to jump over mud and crawl through fire after the Tar Heel 10? A bunch of us (Morelli’s, Hart/West’s, Libby and me, at least) are heading to Greensboro after the Tar Heel 10 for the Rugged Maniac 5k. We are running at 4pm….

Uwharie Rumble: 8k ad half marathon on July 9th! I am sensing some blazing interest ….


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