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BRRave Soles Meeting & Running this weekend   Leave a comment

First, anyone up for six miler (or shorter or longer) out of the Estes Community Center tomorrow morning (around 8ish?). We can do variations on Bolin/MLK. Back on Franklin is 4, back via South is 6ish and adding the hospitals or Gimghoul is even more!

Second, Nana asked me to forward along her thoughts from last night’s BRR meeting.
BRRave Soles,

Good meeting tonight at Looking Glass; sitting outside sipping coffee, wine and discussing what legs people were interested (brave enough) to tackle :).

Tim, Mia and I will sit down sometime in the next two week and work out a rough pairing for the teams and assign legs. Of course this is all open to discussion and change as we train. If you haven’t already checked out the Blue Ridge Relay website, please do. You can see all 36 legs of the race in great detail. If you didn’t make the meeting but find a particular leg appealing, just let us know! First come first served 🙂

Speed and endurance (hills) are what most of us need to brush up on in the next 14 weeks. If you send your recent 5K pace to Jerry at jwilkins he has generously offered to figure out your current pace and training suggestions to help you achieve your goal pace. Remember our team needs to average at least a 10 minute/mile pace over 208 miles to make the cutoff of 34. 5 hours.

If you have any training ideas, places you like to run, please share. If you want company on any of your regular runs/training sessions send us your schedule. We’ll do our best to post all runs, etc. Libby even suggested setting up a Google Calendar (which you can find at – feel free to add your training runs or email them to tim).

Thanks to everyone who came, shared your ideas and energy. We’re really excited about running with you all!

Hugs, Nana

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Running this week   Leave a comment

A delayed flight yesterday, crazy work week and a lingering cold have me way behind schedule, over-booked and taking a few days off running. Argh!

Lots of folks are looking to run tonight. Sadly, not me… An option:

  • Serena has organized a 6 pm run with some recent NoBo grads: "A couple of us from NoBo are gathering for a slow run through Carrboro at 6. We’re meeting at the NoBo meeting spot in the parking lot across the street and down the hill from Fleet Feet. "
  • For those looking for more miles, go bike path to cameron to columbia to south to country club to gimghoul to country club to boundary to Franklin and back. (add even more by going down manning instead of south rd ad cutting up ridge)

There is a BRR meeting at six on Thursday at the Looking Glass and talk of a Firefly afterward.

More on weekend runs later.

PS Diane is looking for a day-time run!

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Why I run – Boston Marathon 2011 – inspiring running stories –   Leave a comment

From Why I run – Boston Marathon 2011 – inspiring running stories –

I run the Boston Marathon, because with gasoline at $3.69 per gallon, it’s too expensive to drive.

I run because it forces me to define myself.

I run because every other Marathon is just an appetizer compared to Boston.

I run to embrace my crazy. And to change a world. Because maybe the world needs people to be crazy and think outside the box to make a difference. I run for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society-to help them make a difference. Running a marathon may seem crazy to some, but if I can…

I am running as a 50th birthday present to myself.

My inspiration to run fast lies in the Harpoon IPA waiting for me in the shower when I’m done. The crowd gets progressively drunker as the race wears on: from the Hopkinton friends and families (least drunk), to the Wellesley woo-girls, through BC and BU, and finally to the alcohol fumes wafting off the post-Red Sox crowd at Kenmore Square (most drunk). The sooner I finish, the sooner I can join them!

I love running because it sets me free.

Because it sure beats standing around.

Check it out for more inspiration:

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Summer Shirt   Leave a comment

Kathy revealed the design for our Summer Soles shirt on Saturday! Thanks, Kathy for bringing this together! The next step will be ordering our summer shirts. I have 22 shirt orders already, but want to give everyone a chance to get one. So here is my list of orders. If you are not on it and want to be (or want to order more), the form to do so is also below.

I have attached the final design. The color will be blue and it will be Sports Science (Little river and Uwahrie shirts). The women’s has a v-neck, while the men’s is round, crew neck Sizing is on the sport science website under "smarter heather".

PS For anyone doing VisionWalk with me, I hope we can all wear these shirts!

Tim O’Brien men’s XL 1
Natalie Reder Women’s Small 1
Lindsay Basnight womens small 1
Felicia Gibson Women’s XL 1

Carolyn Byrne S Reg, XS Unisex 1
kim dawson womens L 1

Susan Shaffer womens small 1
Rachel Weiner women’s medium 1
Kathy Shaw Womens Small 1 (one)
Tom Arnel L 1
Roger Mitchell Men’s large 1
Mia women’s small 1

Roger Men’s Large 1
Rob Hart Men’s Large 1
Tracey West Women’s Small 2
Rob Hart Men’s Medium 1
Tracey West Women’s Large 1
Deb Greene women’s medium 1
Julie Bunce Women’s medium or men’s small 1

Diana McElroy women’s medium 1
Christelle Women medium 1

If you have trouble viewing or submitting this form, you can fill it out online:

Soles Shirts List Summer 2011

Please fill this out if you want a Soles Summer Shirt. If you want multiple sizes, just do this form multiple times! Any tourble? email tim at theblazingsoles

Name *

What Size (specify men’s or women’s)? * If you want multiple sizes, just do this form multiple times!

How mnany? *

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Blazin’ Weekend! (and runs this week + BRR training plan)   Leave a comment

What a blazing weekend! A huge thank you to Kathy (and Win and the boys) for opening their house to a horde of Soles! I had a great time even though SB took us out for short two hours plus on the trails that morning! Good food, friends and fun!

I will be heading to beantown to visit family Thursday (back on Monday). I hope to hear about Sole adventures while I am away!

Runs this week:

  • Tuesday: 6:30 @ Estes Community Center: Bolin-MLK-Franklin
  • Thursday: 7 PM Firefly? (BRR speedwork)
  • Saturday: 9AM @ FF: Cameron-CC-Gimghoul (optional)-South Rd-Columbia-Franklin-Main (BRR long)
  • Sunday: 10AM Johnson Mill fun five miler!

SB mentioned running Botanical Gardens again, so Saturday/Sunday might evolve (as usual).

The BRRave BRR training plan is attached. My schedule forces me to swap M&W with Tu&Th. The plan is built on the mileage for a half marathon, but modified for the hills and multiple runs of the BRR (hence the DD days where we run twice). It is meant to be a guide, so it will evolve and needs to be adapted to each runner. But I will use it to help plan Soles runs this summer.

PS Medoc is sold out! "Medoc Trail Races: SOLD OUT: It is now official. The 10 Miler has reach the cap of 200 runners in 64 hours. Thank you to everyone who registered and help to spread the word. We are very excited about this year’s race, and hope you are too."

Soles Shirts List Summer 2011

Please fill this out if you want a Soles Summer Shirt. If you want multiple sizes, just do this form multiple times! Any tourble? email tim at theblazingsoles

Name *

What Size (specify men’s or women’s)? * If you want multiple sizes, just do this form multiple times!

How mnany? *

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BRR Soles Training Plan.pdf

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Busy Weekend; Maniacal Photos; Marathons on NPR   Leave a comment

Happy Friday to all the Soles!

Kim, Libby, Julie, Stephanie and I hit Pumpkin last night. The 2nd loop was much easier than the first! An absolutely gorgeous night for it.

Tomorrow morning, we have a cloudy 9am trail run at the Botanical Gardens. Forecast now calls for possible storms midday through the afternoon, so we should be OK. Mary H. (aka SB) will lead us for about an hour. Since I don’t know any better, let’s meet in the parking lot!

Tomorrow evening, Soles Open House @ Kathy’s @ 7! See her email from yesterday for more details.

Sunday. Who’s up for a late morning run? I vote for Eastwood Lake route or Bolin Creek-MLK around 10. Thoughts?

FYI: Rugged Maniac Photos.

I spotted this story on NPR:

Marathons, Once Special, Are Now Also Crowded : NPR


www.npr.orgThe Boston Marathon requires participants to qualify in order to enter — a barrier that once kept the nation’s oldest and most elite marathon from filling up. But this year, spots in the race were gone in just over 8 hours.

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Firefly, NCBG, Open House & VisionWalk   Leave a comment

Thanks to Julie, Deb, Lindsay and Roger for stretching their legs with me last night! We did an easy three miles out and back along Bolin Creek.

Quick Announcements

  • Fleet Feet Fiesta tonight at 6 at FF HQ.
  • Firefly tomorrow 7PM @ Pumpkin (Municipal Lot)!!
  • Botanical Garden run @ 9AM Saturday for an hour or so. SB’s our guide!
  • Soles Open House at Kathy’s on Saturday @ 7. RSVP to Kathy!
  • Anyone up for a Sunday run?

Soles4Sight, our VisionWalk team, has already raised over $500! We even won the recent team registration drive! Thank you everyone.

If you have not signed up and you are around on the morning of June 4th, please consider walking with me to raise funds for the Foundation Fighting Blindness. VisionWalk, over at Lake Lynn in Raleigh, hopes to raise $150,000 to help find a treatment for retinal degenerative disorders, including mine (Stargardt’s). There are two treatment in clinical trials right now partially funded by FFB, so every penny we raise brings me (and a whole bunch of other visually impaired folks) one step closer! The event is very family-friendly with lots of face-painting and other fun stuff.

The Blazing Soles team (Soles4Sight) is online: If you can make it on Walk day, please join us. If not, please consider walking with us in spirit (and wallet 🙂 )!

PS does anyone know how long the Laurel Hill Challenge was (distance-wise)?

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