Runs this week (4/11)   1 comment

Congrats to everyone to ran this weekend! I could not have asked for a crazier or more fun day!

Are you ready for a recovery run? (or are you taking the week off?) If I can clear out this head cold, I plan to stretch my legs tomorrow evening. let’s meet next to the rose garden at the Community Center (120 S. Estes) at 6:30. I suggest 4.51 miles: Bolin – MLK – Cameron – Franklin – Roosevelt ( There is a parking lot there, but it fills up. If full, you can park at the post office across Estes.

Who is up for a Firefly on Thursday? How about a 9AM Mill run on Saturday (instead of Sunday) to mix it up a bit.

Nana and I are working out a training plan for the BRR. It will be designed around prepping for a hilly half marathon and last 20 weeks (from now until September). The weekly schedule will match the current Soles schedule, so all Soles (BRR or not) can come. As the mileage gets longer, I will plan a shorter route for those who don’t want to run so long (just like we did last fall for OBX). Hopefully, Nana and I will get that out this week to everyone!

Shirt design is coming along nicely (thanks to Kathy)…


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  1. I’m plan on being there

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