Busy Weekend; Maniacal Photos; Marathons on NPR   Leave a comment

Happy Friday to all the Soles!

Kim, Libby, Julie, Stephanie and I hit Pumpkin last night. The 2nd loop was much easier than the first! An absolutely gorgeous night for it.

Tomorrow morning, we have a cloudy 9am trail run at the Botanical Gardens. Forecast now calls for possible storms midday through the afternoon, so we should be OK. Mary H. (aka SB) will lead us for about an hour. Since I don’t know any better, let’s meet in the parking lot!

Tomorrow evening, Soles Open House @ Kathy’s @ 7! See her email from yesterday for more details.

Sunday. Who’s up for a late morning run? I vote for Eastwood Lake route or Bolin Creek-MLK around 10. Thoughts?

FYI: Rugged Maniac Photos.

I spotted this story on NPR:

Marathons, Once Special, Are Now Also Crowded : NPR


www.npr.orgThe Boston Marathon requires participants to qualify in order to enter — a barrier that once kept the nation’s oldest and most elite marathon from filling up. But this year, spots in the race were gone in just over 8 hours.



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