Blazin’ Weekend! (and runs this week + BRR training plan)   Leave a comment

What a blazing weekend! A huge thank you to Kathy (and Win and the boys) for opening their house to a horde of Soles! I had a great time even though SB took us out for short two hours plus on the trails that morning! Good food, friends and fun!

I will be heading to beantown to visit family Thursday (back on Monday). I hope to hear about Sole adventures while I am away!

Runs this week:

  • Tuesday: 6:30 @ Estes Community Center: Bolin-MLK-Franklin
  • Thursday: 7 PM Firefly? (BRR speedwork)
  • Saturday: 9AM @ FF: Cameron-CC-Gimghoul (optional)-South Rd-Columbia-Franklin-Main (BRR long)
  • Sunday: 10AM Johnson Mill fun five miler!

SB mentioned running Botanical Gardens again, so Saturday/Sunday might evolve (as usual).

The BRRave BRR training plan is attached. My schedule forces me to swap M&W with Tu&Th. The plan is built on the mileage for a half marathon, but modified for the hills and multiple runs of the BRR (hence the DD days where we run twice). It is meant to be a guide, so it will evolve and needs to be adapted to each runner. But I will use it to help plan Soles runs this summer.

PS Medoc is sold out! "Medoc Trail Races: SOLD OUT: It is now official. The 10 Miler has reach the cap of 200 runners in 64 hours. Thank you to everyone who registered and help to spread the word. We are very excited about this year’s race, and hope you are too."

Soles Shirts List Summer 2011

Please fill this out if you want a Soles Summer Shirt. If you want multiple sizes, just do this form multiple times! Any tourble? email tim at theblazingsoles

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What Size (specify men’s or women’s)? * If you want multiple sizes, just do this form multiple times!

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BRR Soles Training Plan.pdf


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