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Kathy revealed the design for our Summer Soles shirt on Saturday! Thanks, Kathy for bringing this together! The next step will be ordering our summer shirts. I have 22 shirt orders already, but want to give everyone a chance to get one. So here is my list of orders. If you are not on it and want to be (or want to order more), the form to do so is also below.

I have attached the final design. The color will be blue and it will be Sports Science (Little river and Uwahrie shirts). The women’s has a v-neck, while the men’s is round, crew neck Sizing is on the sport science website under "smarter heather".

PS For anyone doing VisionWalk with me, I hope we can all wear these shirts!

Tim O’Brien men’s XL 1
Natalie Reder Women’s Small 1
Lindsay Basnight womens small 1
Felicia Gibson Women’s XL 1

Carolyn Byrne S Reg, XS Unisex 1
kim dawson womens L 1

Susan Shaffer womens small 1
Rachel Weiner women’s medium 1
Kathy Shaw Womens Small 1 (one)
Tom Arnel L 1
Roger Mitchell Men’s large 1
Mia women’s small 1

Roger Men’s Large 1
Rob Hart Men’s Large 1
Tracey West Women’s Small 2
Rob Hart Men’s Medium 1
Tracey West Women’s Large 1
Deb Greene women’s medium 1
Julie Bunce Women’s medium or men’s small 1

Diana McElroy women’s medium 1
Christelle Women medium 1

If you have trouble viewing or submitting this form, you can fill it out online:

Soles Shirts List Summer 2011

Please fill this out if you want a Soles Summer Shirt. If you want multiple sizes, just do this form multiple times! Any tourble? email tim at theblazingsoles

Name *

What Size (specify men’s or women’s)? * If you want multiple sizes, just do this form multiple times!

How mnany? *

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