BRRave Soles Meeting & Running this weekend   Leave a comment

First, anyone up for six miler (or shorter or longer) out of the Estes Community Center tomorrow morning (around 8ish?). We can do variations on Bolin/MLK. Back on Franklin is 4, back via South is 6ish and adding the hospitals or Gimghoul is even more!

Second, Nana asked me to forward along her thoughts from last night’s BRR meeting.
BRRave Soles,

Good meeting tonight at Looking Glass; sitting outside sipping coffee, wine and discussing what legs people were interested (brave enough) to tackle :).

Tim, Mia and I will sit down sometime in the next two week and work out a rough pairing for the teams and assign legs. Of course this is all open to discussion and change as we train. If you haven’t already checked out the Blue Ridge Relay website, please do. You can see all 36 legs of the race in great detail. If you didn’t make the meeting but find a particular leg appealing, just let us know! First come first served 🙂

Speed and endurance (hills) are what most of us need to brush up on in the next 14 weeks. If you send your recent 5K pace to Jerry at jwilkins he has generously offered to figure out your current pace and training suggestions to help you achieve your goal pace. Remember our team needs to average at least a 10 minute/mile pace over 208 miles to make the cutoff of 34. 5 hours.

If you have any training ideas, places you like to run, please share. If you want company on any of your regular runs/training sessions send us your schedule. We’ll do our best to post all runs, etc. Libby even suggested setting up a Google Calendar (which you can find at – feel free to add your training runs or email them to tim).

Thanks to everyone who came, shared your ideas and energy. We’re really excited about running with you all!

Hugs, Nana


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