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A belated congrats to Christian and Christelle for completing the full at Nashville. We hope you both have recovered!

More congratulations go to Roger Rabbit for winning his age group at the Philosopher’s Way 7k on his 61st birthday Saturday! I am proud to have finished the 15k, coming in second (to last)! Kim, Mary, Susan, Kaitlin and more Soles did a great job cheering us on, though I did not get a margarita-flavored gatorade at their aid station! I did, however, try to run off into the woods, so thanks as well for keeping my feet on the trails!

The Inside-Out Half & 10k is less than two weeks away. Seeing Lindsay’s sunny smile after her 12-mile training run yesterday has sorely tempted me to run it with her, Natalie and Don. Anyone else game?

Runs this week: (looks like decent running weather!)

  • Monday: 6:30 longish (6-7) around Southern Village. Meet at Nana’s. trail/road mix
  • Tuesday: 6pm @ Estes Community Center. Bolin-MLK-your shoice loop. Come back on Franklin for 4, South for 5, Manning for 6. add gimghoul for good luck!
  • Wednesday: anyone organizing a hill run?
  • Thursday: BRR calls for a hill run. route & time TBA (think 6ish)
  • Saturday: BRR calls for 6. Any suggestions/requests for an AM run?
  • Sunday: anyone?

Did I miss anything?


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