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21 Blazing Soles beat the humidity and braved the hills to coast down MLK into Foster’s for some fodder on Saturday morning. From 3 miles to 8, from burritos to bagels, what a smorgasbord! Way to go, everyone!

Shirts are in production! Thank you, Kathy

Tuesday: Eastwood Lake ( @ 6 (Hilly 4+). meet at ‘Home Team’ across from Eastgate.

Thursday: Speedwork ~ 6:30. Details TBA

Saturday: 8AM Crepe Truck Route( Start at NoBo lot (behind Armadillo). You will have to walk back to your car (sorry). Long version (8.2): bike path to columbia, down mlk to hillsborough, back via CC and Gimghoul to ridge and Manning, through hospitals, up columbia to Rosemary to Maiin st. to weaver st. to main and up to Joe’s Bait and Tackle. Sloboers, just stay on cameron to bourndary and take franklin/main to Joe’s. 5-6 milers: drop gimghoul and take south to columbia from CC (instad of ridge and manning). Check out the crepe truck online:

Sunday: Inside Out Half & 10k in Cary ( Who’s up for running with Lindsay, Don & Natalie?

Anyone else planning a group run this week?

Susan spotted this article, Pick Up the Pace With a Track Workout (, on track workouts!

Blazing Soles on MapMyRun ( I will start archiving our routes in our new Soles group on MapMyRun. Feel free to join and add routes.


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