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Congrats to our Inside Outers: Natalie, Susan, Don and Lindsay! A big shout out for Lindsay who knocked off her first half marathon (now back to wedding plans)! Another to Susan for taking her age group in the 10k.

While these four were running around Cary, I was busy getting sunburnt on Oak Island. I wanted to see what barefoot running would be like, so planned to run a quick mile with Shadow. We jogged back a fun 45 minutes later! How relaxing! I highly recommend it, though a salty and sandy bathing suit is not optimal running gear!

Saturday’s Crepe Truck run was a success with folks running anywhere from five to nine miles to earn those fantastic french roll-ups. I took a header at mile 8.5 (don’t drink and run, folks! – i mean water! – if you are tired and clumsy), but only skinned my knee. Everyone else made it back whole and hungry.

Runs this week:

Tuesday: Community Center at 6:00. Bolin to MLK and back how you want!
Wednesday: 7pm Hill Workout @ Merriff Field
Thursday: 6AM run @ Dogwood Acres; 6:30Hill Workout @ Merriff Field
Saturday: 7:30? Route TBA (suggestions welcome)

Did I miss anything?


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