6/1 Update: Bulls, VisionWalk & Al Buehler   Leave a comment

Eastwood Lake was hot and muggy last night, but Rock’n’Roll kept the beat for us last night for some much needed walk breaks! Despite the heat, at least a dozen blazing hot soles tore up and down some hills last night!

Bulls Game: I think we have 17 coming, so i have 3 extra tickets. Here’s my list:
Mia (3), Kim (2), Tim (2), Susan (2), Diana (1), Roger (2), Greg (2), Natalie (1), Christelle (2). I will be distributing tickets as I see you. Who am I missing?

VisionWalk is Saturday AM! Soles4Sight stands at $2,385 with 3 days and $115 to go! Carpools are forming, with possible stops at the flea market at the fairground on the return trip. Swimming at the Xavier Pool in the afternoon and Bulls game at night! All Soles, all day!

W/Th 7pm @ Culbreth: Hill repeats!!!! Fun, fun, fun

Th 6AM @ Dogwood Acres: anyone going from my end of town?

Saturday: VisionWalk

Sunday 7PM @ Al Buelher: Time for a visit to our old friend Al!!! Two loops for six+ miles.

Tuesday: 7PM @ NoBo lot: Tempo work up Greensboro, around McDougle, and back James-Main. Tempo means intervals between race pace & comfort pace.


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