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Nana’s been going through past issues of Runners World, tearing out articles for us Soles and BRR folks. Check out "Cool Running" about how to acclimate to running in heat:

"COOL RUNNING Avoid that lethargic feeling by easing into hot-weather running, says Moffitt. Do your main workouts before 10 a.m. or after 6 p.m., and go for a 15-to 20-minute light run or walk in the heat of the day. Increase the intensity and length of your hot workouts by five to 10 minutes over two weeks. Allow even more time to adjust to humid environments, and replace fluids lost through sweating withsports drinks. "When we are gradually exposed to warm environments, our bodies respond by being able to more efficiently distribute blood flow, which helps us increase sweat production so we can maintain effort without overheating," Moffitt says. To stay cool during a run, dump water over your head, which will help drop your core temperature, says Lewis Maharam, M.D., medical director for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series. Also, a recent study shows that runners who drink ice slushies run about 10 minutes longer than when they have a cold drink."

This might explain the tough time some of us have had for the last several weeks!

Expect these tidbits from time to time. Some of the articles are fun, others offer some tips for stretching, getting faster, running hills, etc. They are not definitive on any subject but the articles are interesting!

Thanks, Nana!!!!!!!

PS: Domo passed these tips on from an email (

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