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What a great running week last week! Accidentally advanced tempo workout on Tuesday with Tim, Stadiums+Tour with Domo @ Kenan on Thursday, racing for the cure with the DDs on Saturday (my first all-women’s race!) and a Sunday evening cruise in the rain fighting swarms of giant mutant horseflies on the American Tobacco Trail. Wow.

Fueling reminder!! I crashed at mile five yesterday (of an out-an-back ten miler) since I did not eat enough yesterday afternoon. Liv walked me the five miles back and Roger & Jerry came looking for us with flashlights when it took us so long to get back. [PS: a big thanks, guys!!!] So fuel up, everybody, and put an emergency fuel kit for those long runs!

Asheville (7/16): Who is in for a weekend in the mountains training for BRR? So far, it’s me, Liv, Patrick & Carolyn. Liv has worked out a schedule for us and is cementing options for food & shelter. For the budget conscious, we estimate the trip should cost less than $200 (probably less than $150) for food, housing and gas! Liv and I will be sending out more info this weekend and I will organize a meeting the next week to sort out carpooling. Who’s interested (even if you are still unsure)?

Bookmark https://blazingsoles.wordpress.com/blazing-starts/ for direction to common run starting points. [corrections and additions welcome!]

  • Tuesday: Tempo @ 7 in Carrboro. Let’s dial it back – 5 minute warm up, then 2 minutes race pace, 2 minutes easy.
  • Wednesday: 6AM Dogwood run!
  • Thursday: MLK hills – 7pm meet @ fosters. After a warm up, back an forth between Estes & Rosemary for 1 hour. Flying Burritos after?
  • Saturday: BRR – 12 mile Run (DD) – our 1st DD run = Two 6 milers on the same day. Times & Routes TBA. Suggestions welcome. Probably Saturday AM (7:30ish?) and PM.

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