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It’s getting hot!!!!!!!! Whew. 102 tomorrow.

Asheville visit this weekend. There is still time to join us for some cooler mountain running. This also means that Nana, Domo, Tracy, Rob, Evil Jess, Liv, Christelle, Filet and I will be missing from the weekend runs…

For BRR, here are some updates:

  • Please register by next Monday (7/18) at (Bob & Rachel are the unregistered Balls)
  • Withdrawal: If there is a chance you might withdraw, please let us know by Monday (the 18th), so we can recruit alternates.
  • Mia is getting some fundraising ideas together (basically selling space on a team t-shirt and on the vans). The proceeds will go for H4H, Blazing Ball and BRRave Sole scholarships and general cost defraying. We hope to see Fleet Feet at the top of the sponsor list [hint, hint, Tricia :)]!
  • Plan to leave at 1 from Nana’s on Thursday (9/8), heading to Boone for pre-race dinner and packet pickup.
  • Cabins have been reserved for van 1 and Liv is scouting places in West Jefferson for van 2.
  • Christelle and Nana are reserving the vans.
  • We need to collect cell phone numbers, emergency contact info and shirt sizes from everyone, so expect another email. Please fill out the form below!!!!
  • Drivers needed!!!!!!!!!

Runs this week!

  • Tuesday:
  • 8AM trail run @ Seawall: Nana is leading this beat-the-heat run
  • 4 Miler @ 7pm – with the Marathon training program (MTP) @ McDougle!

Wednesday: 6AM Dogwood Run Thursday: 7pm @ Culbreth for Mini Mt. Goat Saturday: Double Run Day! 16 miles (10 of us are heading to Asheville) If you stay in town:

  • 7am 7 miler @ McDougle with the MTP

BRRave Soles Contact/Shirt Form

Please fill this out!


Cell Phone

Emergency Contact

Emergency Contact Phone

Shirt Size (gender specific)


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