Thursday Soup Bowl Route, 8/10 Run Schedule through 8/20   Leave a comment

Tomorrow’s Route ( Meet at Foster’s Market (partk across MLK). You can easily make it a 3.7, 5.5 or 6.5 miler.
Walk to Bolin Creek Greenway
Run Greenway almost to Community Cetner
R on Dickerson Ct
R onto Plant Rd
L onto Roosevelt Dr, L onto E Franklin St
R onto Hillsborough St
L onto MLK (3.72mi so far)
Turn around at Rosemary St
Pass Fosters 5.5mi
Turn around at Estes
Return to Fosters: 6.56mi

Short announcements;

  • BRR meeting @ Slimeball’s Friday
  • FF’s MTP meeting at 6AM on Saturdays
  • New nicknames: Discoball (Nat), Screwball (Jon), iBall (me)
  • we may need an 8-9 minute miler BRR sub. Any suggestions?

With 4 weeks to go, our two BRR teams are hoping to raise some scholarship money for our student (and otherwise impoverished) runners. Anyone who donates a few $$ will have their names written on our vans for the run. (The more $, the larger the print!) It looks like BRR will cost about $250 per runner, so every penny helps. You can give donations to Nana, Christelle or me. Corporate donations (hint, hint, Fleet Feet 🙂 ) would be appreciated! So would t-shirts!

Current Schedule:

  • Thursday: 7pm @ Foster’s: Hill Workout (route above)
  • Friday Night BRR potluck meeting
  • Saturday: [BRR = 18 miles: tiple run weekend]
  • BRR Triple
  • 7AM: Tobacco Trial 8 miler
  • 7pm: 6 miler @ Al Buehler

MTP: 6am 10 miler @ McDougle 7:30am: Trail Goddess Run (confirm with Shroomie) Sunday

  • BRR Triple: 7AM: Foster’s 6 miler ) MLK-Estes-Battle Branch-Boundary-Gimghoul-Franklin-Hillsborough
  • 8:30am: Trail Goddess Run (confirm with Shroomie)

Monday: 6AM Dogwood Run Tuesday: MTP: 5 Miler @ 7pm @ McDougle! Wednesday: 6AM Dogwood Run Thursday: Kenan @ 7PM Steps plus run! 30min. in stadium – out gate 6, left on Manning, left on ridge, right on South/Raleigh to General Admin Bldg parking, loop Laurel Hjill, back on south to kenan. Saturday:

  • MTP: 12 Miler @ 6am @ McDougle!
  • 7:30am: Trail Goddess Run (confirm with Shroomie)

Sunday: 8:30am: Trail Goddess Run (confirm with Shroomie)


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