23 days to BRR, Run Schedule through 8/2.   Leave a comment

I can’t believe we are a mere three weeks away! Time to run carefully, maintaining more than training. Thanks to Slimeball and Riceball, we had a very productive meeting Friday with lots of good eating.

We could use 1 or 2 more subs in the 8-9 minute mile range. Any suggestions?

Any questions, concerns, thoughts?

  • Tuesday (tonight): MTP: 5 Miler @ 7pm @ McDougle!
  • Thursday: Kenan @ 7PM Steps plus run! 30min. in stadium – out gate 6, left on Manning, left on ridge, right on South/Raleigh to General Admin Bldg parking, loop Laurel Hjill, back on south to kenan.
  • Saturday:
  • MTP: 12 Miler @ 6am @ McDougle!

Tuesday MTP: Track workout @ 7pm @ McDougle! Thursday: Hills at Foster’s Saturday (8/25):

  • BRR plain = 7 miles
  • MTP: 13 Miler @ 6am @ McDougle

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