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Mia is fundraising for our BRR teams so we can give some scholarships to needy students. The run should total at least $225 per runner, so any help would be greatly appreciated. $ goes to Nana (our scholarship committee)!

BRR is 17 days away, so we will start thinking about how to evolve the Blazing Soles routes. Maybe some more trail running and fireflies. Ideas welcome!

Run schedule – planning alternate runs? just let me know!

  • Tuesday: MTP: cardo workout @ 7pm @ McDougle [there shoudl be a five mile run alternative too.]
  • Thursday: 6:30PM Foster’s easy hill workout.
  • Saturday:
  • MTP: 8 Miler @ 6am @ McDougle with the half group (full is running 13)

Tuesday MTP: Track workout @ 7pm @ McDougle (or a 5 miler Thursday: Easy Hills at Foster’s Saturday (8/25):

  • BRR plain = 7 miles
  • MTP: half marathon run at 6am?

Tuesday: short easy run Thursday-Sunday: BRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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