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The official BRR results are in:

115 BRRave Soles Mixed Chapel Hill NC 12 9:40 6:30 AM 4:04:56 PM 33:34:56 0:09:41
116 Blazing Balls Mixed Chapel Hill NC 12 9:40 6:30 AM 4:35:51 PM 34:05:51 0:09:50

These results don’t tell the real story. The real story involves lots and lots of sweat, spirit, and sprains, blood, blisters, and bruises, mountains, moonlights and moans, exhaustion, excitement and exhilaration, tears, trees and triumph, laughter, legs and love, dogs, ditches and darkness, pancakes, pain and PB&Js, just for starters. The most important story, as usual, is the friendship, the love and the support that the thirty of us shared over those 208 mountainous miles.

See the photos on flickr (http://www.flickr.com/photos/87061065@N00/sets/72157627622920982/show/) and hear the stories on our next Blazing Soles run!

Who’s up for some more running? Who’s up for getting a beer and some food?

Possible Run Schedule:

  • Tuesday: MTP @ McDougle @ 7PM – Carolyn and I will do a recovery jog/walk/limp. Miles TBA
  • Thursday: Who’s up for a 6:30 run?
  • Saturday: MTP @ McDougle @7AM Mileage TBA

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