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Turkey Wrap-Up   Leave a comment

Two important notes. First, a hearty happy birthday to Rob (our favorite Ah Sole – or mine anyway). Second, congratulations to Fastball for his overdue and well-deserved age group win at G&G!

I am in sunny and warm Florida today, but will be back for a Tuesday night Soles run (any route suggestions?). I ran 4 miles on the beach barefoot this morning. Despite all the miles and training recently, that sand kicked my butt. Foot muscles that I never knew I had are complaining loudly tonight.

See you all soon!

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Thanksgiving Running   Leave a comment

Hi all!

It was good to see so many Soles turn out in freezing weather to help out Nat and NoBo on the trails Saturday! After the extra loop that Slimy led us on one of the burn trails, breakfast at Foster’s made all the chilly weather worth it.

This week, it is time for us to give some thanks that our feet haven’t fallen off! I know that we have some injuries, minor and major, but it seems that we are all either still running or on the road to recover (pun intended). I, for one, am pretty darn grateful to each of you for making all the miles worthwhile!

Getting down to business, who’s up for some miles this week? Who’s in for the Gallop and Gorge on Thursday AM and who is running with the Trail Goddesses? Anyone want to organize a weekend run (I will be in MA and FL over the weekend)?

Let’s do a Flying Burrito run/walk Bolin Creek run tomorrow. 6:30? Let’s meet at Foster’s! Walkers can do Bolin Creek, runners can do Bolin-Franklin-MLK.

P.S. For anyone going to the G&G thursday, Serena was scouting for a ride for her eldest (a BS newbie).

P.P.S. On a personal note, is anyone heading near the airport on Thursday around one? I have a 2:30pm flight and could use a lift. With all the traveling on Turkey Day, I figure that the airport might be on someone’s way. 🙂

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Saturday Trail Triple Play!   Leave a comment

Let’s do a Trail Triple Play on Saturday morning. NoBo needs trail mentors @ 8, meeting at CHHS (by Unity Church). Afterward, let’s do an easy Soles run at 9, meeting in the Unity lot. After that, breakfast! (what else?)

Who’s in?

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Recovery sit-around tomorrow   Leave a comment

What a blazing’ OBX weekend! Evil Jess, Deb and Wiki rocked their first half. Wrong Way Roger came in 4th in his group! Lauren followed her first full to run the race with Tracey. Sole Sister and I did our first half’n’half! Kim got us a great house less than a half mile from rac start with hot tubs and more! Thanks, all, for making this one great weekend! What did I forget?

We are planning a recovery sit-around at Bunce Manor tomorrow. Leg stretching at 6, followed by general butt-warming at 6:30. Potluck appetizers please!

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Recovery/Tapering Run/Walk/Limp   Leave a comment

A blazing shout out to Lauren, mike, nat, julie, and all the crazy Soles crossing finish lines last weekend! More finish lines coming up this weekend.

There will be a recovery/tapering/injury walk/limp/run tonight at Foster’s @ 6:30. BRING NIGHT GEAR!

see you tonight!

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