Two runs tomorrow & thoughts about stadium workouts   Leave a comment

Nana and Domo can’t make the 9am Unity run tomorrow, so are going to hit BC at 8am, so you have your pick!

Last night’s stadium steps had a few bumps (and a nosebleed), but no bruises.

  • There was no stadium lighting, but the moonlight and some headlamps were plenty (but bring a light for next time!). Sunset by 6pm won’t come until mid-February, but we might want to move these stadium workouts to 6pm. I would like to do these every other thursday from now on. thoughts?
  • Christelle and Janet made it late and Kathy found the door locked [Note that at least one of the stadium gates is normally open, so latecomers can come in that way.]
  • Paved hill repeats: Domo showed us the tough incline just outside the stadium. Let’s incorporate that into our next workout. Any suggestions?

Run Schedule

  • Friday (today): Soggy Soles @ 5:30 @ CC
  • Saturday:
  • BC @8am
  • Unity @9am

Sunday: Soggy Soles @ 2 @ Homestead Monday: Soggy Soles @ 5ish @ CC Tuesday:

  • FF run @ 6:15ish
  • "Unbreakable" screening @ FF – what time?

Wednesday: Soggy Soles @ 5ish @ CC Thursday: suggestions?

The 2012 Triangle VisionWalk is coming up on June 2. I hope to build on our success from last year in fighting blindness. Please consider walking with me as part of my team – Soles4Sight. You can sign up (or donate) at the Soles4Sight page ( Thank you!


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