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What a beautiful winter morning yesterday for ten trail miles! Gayle, Emily, Deb, Rob, Lauren, Tracey, Mary, Nancy, Peter, Sue and I (who did i forget?) rocked the trails to earn ourselves some Trailhead tomato soup and some Morelli Magic hot chocolate. Special Kudos to Deb for knocking out her first trail race and to Nana for organizing a great pre-race carboload and cheering us on this morning!

With my mom coming in town for the next twp weeks, I am not sure when I will be able to run, but Uwharie is right around the corner, so let’s put out some times to lace up and get ready. Any suggestions for Tu/Th?

Sunday: Soggy Swim @ 5:30 (HAC)

Monday: AM easy run anyone? it’s a holiday!
Tuesday: TBA
Wednesday: Soggy Swim ~ 5 (CC)
Thursday: TBA
Friday: Soggy Swim ~ 5 (CC)
Saturday: Botanical Gardens technical trail hill repeats 9AM – Carolina Cafe to follow.

Sunday: 3pm longish run @ Unity (park at CHHS) Lake Loop + Burn, followed by soggy Swim

There are about 15 weeks until Owl’s Roost. It’s time to take stock, make plans and get training!


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