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Are we up for an Eastwood Lake loop in the dark tonight? I just it would be nice to bring that route back in the rotation for some variety, but i am always open to suggestion. Is 6 good or 6:30 better?

I would like to bump Saturday to 9:30 and see if I can get a ride to the fire station from FF ~9ish. How ’bout the crepe truck after? it is in the Glass Half Full lot in Carrboro on Saturdays now (http://www.parlezvouscrepe.com/events.php). or is that too far?

Updated Soles Schedule:
Thursday: Eastwood Lake Loop @HomeTeam @6?
Friday: Soggy Sole Swim @CC ~5
Saturday: Duke Forest run @9:30am @ Fire Station on Whitfield Road (shoulder parking)
Sunday: Soggy Sole Swim @HAC ~5:30
Tuesday: Track workout @ 7 @ McDougle.
Thursday: Uwharie rest day – non-Uhwarie FF run @ 6:30?

Saturday (2/4): Uhwarie Insanity!!! Non-uhwarie run?

PS J. Edgar (the Hoover biopic) is at the Varsity this weekend. Anyone interested in going Saturday @ 9:30?

PPS Tracey is 9 years tardy on getting a certain medical screening procedure. Nana suggests a blazing intervention, so let’s get interventin’!


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