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Who’s ready to scramble up and down some mountains? It’s Uwharie week! Let’s get excited! Saturday’s hilly Whitfield run was good prep. Thanks, Janet, for suggesting the course!

[If you are running late, call me on my cell, 442.8318! I am almost always have it on me.]

Julie’s daughter, Lindsay (who joined us last Thursday for the Eastwood Lake Loop), is heading back to Italy soon. So we are doing an early-ish run (6:00) on Tuesday, so se can head over to the Red Bowl in U-Mall for dinner (about 7:15 I would guess).

Anyone want to organize a run for Thursday/Saturday for sane (i.e. non-Uwharie) runners? Substitute mentor for me for the Beginner 4 Miler (B4M) mostly run group on Saturday @ 8am?

Monday: Soggy Soles ~ 5 (CC)

Tuesday: Community Center Run @ 6 (Red Bowl w/ Lindsay Bunce to follow @ 7:15)
Wednesday: Soggy Soles ~ 5 (CC)
Thursday: Non-Uwharie run?
Friday: off to Uwharie!
Saturday: Non-Uwharie run? Anyone want to mentor w/ FF @ 8?

Sunday: Soggy Soles ~ 5:30 (HAC)


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