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Thanks to the Morellis for a blazing (and bloody) field trip to the Roost! Way too many fallen Soles on this trip…

Now, it is time to to prep for our 5k this Saturday. We have been pushing ourselves pretty hard to get through Little River, Uwharrie and the first half of the Roost training plan. This Saturday’s 5k should give our legs some much needed rest from long miles while testing our speed. I hope to see lots of Soles at the Kidney Kare 5k.

Reverend Rob (who is just so holey) is shopping around the idea of the Warrior Dash and others are headed to Myrlte Beach for the Divas half on the same weekend in May. Thoughts?

Thursday: Spicy Soles Adieu at Spice Street ~8:30ish.

Mentor Subs Needed: I need one for the 4 miler on Saturday. Any helpful Soles?

Sign up for the Kidney Kare 5K on 3/17. Register here (https://www.active.com/event_detail.cfm?event_id=1992298&action=ct) and don’t forget to select the Blazing Soles team.

Upcoming Runs:
Monday: Soggy Sole Swim @ CC ~ 5
Tuesday: 5 Miler from FF @ 7
Wednesday: Soggy Sole Swim @ CC ~ 5
Thursday: Spicy Speedwork @ CC ~ 7, Spice Street @ 8:30
Friday: Soggy Sole Swim @ CC ~ 5
Saturday: Kidney Kare 5k @ McDougle @ 8:30am
Sunday: Soggy Sole Swim @ ? ~ 5:30

What did I forget?


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