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Thanks to the SlimEy and the Karing Soles for raising $$ for the UNC Kidney Center on Saturday. Not only was it fun to hang out with the gang at the race and at Merritt’s after, I PR’ed despite being sick!

On a personal note, I owe R’n’R many thanks for organizing her sorority’s local chapters and alumnae groups to support VisionWalk this year. The Duke chapter hosted me at the weekly meeting last night and very politely stayed awake for my entire talk! Kim and I invited them to come run with us, so we may have an outing to Al Buehler soon. The Delta Gammas have raised several hundred dollars and are fielding a team for the June walk. I will be asking you all to sign up (or donate) at the Soles4Sight page ( soon enough!

Tuesday: Firefly at 7 at Unity!!!

Saturday run moved to Sunday!

Upcoming Runs:
Monday: Soggy Sole Swim @ CC ~ 5
Tuesday: ~6 Miler Firefly from Unity @ 7
Wednesday: Soggy Sole Swim @ CC ~ 5
Thursday: Stadiums+ @ Kenan ~ 6:30
Friday: Soggy Sole Swim @ CC ~ 5
OR 9 miles (or however many) @ the Mill @ 8:00am
Soggy Sole Swim @ ? ~ 5:30

What did I forget?


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