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What a weekend! With Kaitlin getting back on her feet and all the blazing roosters, it was a busy few days. Congratulations go to Roger and Lynne for winning their age groups, to Wrecking Ball and Nancy M. for taking second in theirs and Tracey for taking third in hers!!! The Blazing Soles not only did some impromptu volunteering at packet pick up (thanks Mary, Nana and Julie!), but we took our share of trips to the podium! And congrats to the rest of us Roosters (Slimey, Libby, Mary B., Julie, Gayle, Sharon, Rob, Christelle, Kathy, Edie, Nancy C., Jon and Lindsay) for completing one tough trail race! Thanks to Evil Jess, Carolyn and la Maman Champienne for cheering us in!

For the next several months, our running schedule will be molded by the BRR training plan. While the draft plan is under review, last week’s chaos has meant that it’s not quite ready. But we will stick to the recovery runs laid out for this week! So let’s plan to run 3-4 miles on Tuesday and Thursday and 6 over the weekend.

Week: Date Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Notes
1: 4-29 Stretch Cross Run 40 min strength 30 min Rest 6 mile



On Tuesday, let’s do our normal FF run, but move it up to 6pm. For Thursday, Let’s do some Bolin Creek at 6 as well. How does that sound?

With the Philosopher’s Way on Saturday (and so many of us womaning the water station with the Trail Goddesses), let’s shift the 6 miler to Sunday. My suggesiton is to revisit Al Buehler for two loops followed by a trip to Guglhupf Cafte ( afterward!

Off-Topic: The 2012 Triangle VisionWalk is coming up on June 2. I hope to build on our success last year (winning the Team Spirit award!). Please consider walking with me as part of our team – Soles4Sight. You can sign up (or donate) at the Soles4Sight page ( Thank you!

Upcoming Runs:

Tuesday: 4 Miler campus run from FF @ 6
Wednesday: Soggy Sole Swim @ CC ~ 5
Thursday: 3-4 easy miles @ Community Center
Friday: Soggy Sole Swim @ CC ~ 5
Saturday: PWTR (more details from Susan soon)

6 miles @ Al B. then Guglhupf @ 8 am
Soggy Sole Swim @ HAC ~ 5:30

What did I forget?


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