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What a weekend! Congrats to Wreckin’ Ball for his R2R! Mary and Nancy got folks out for a pair of weekend runs while Nana, Kim, Domo, Christelle, Julie and I (plus Wiki, too) were off at the beach! Us Divas happened to also run 13.1 while we were out there. It was a beautiful morning for a run!

Tonight, let’s meet at Kenan @ 6:30. Those up for it can do stadium steps while the Blazing Divas do a recovery run through Gimghoul.

Thursday, what about a 6:20 run @ FF with yoga to follow @ 7:30? Who’s up for that?

NatWeek continues:

1. "Calling all Soles! I want to take the NOBO group on a trail run this Wednesday at 6:30 and for the Advanced (NOBO 2) folks I wanted them to do some single track." Who can help out? I will try to be there!

2. Run & Brunch at Natalie’s on Sunday! We will run from her place Sunday to do out 6 miles on the Tobacco Trail, then head back to Nat’s for a potluck brunch. Who’s in and what are we bringing?

Training plan:

4: 5-21 Run 45 min

or strength

Speed/Form C 30 min


Run 45


Rest 6 mile


Stretch /


5: 5-28 Run 45 min

or strength



40 min


Run 50


Rest 10 mile


Stretch /


Soles4Sight 6/2

Off-Topic: The 2012 Triangle VisionWalk is coming up on June 2. I hope to build on our success last year (winning the Team Spirit award!). Please consider walking with me as part of our team – Soles4Sight. You can sign up (or donate) at the Soles4Sight page ( Thank you!

Also Off Topic: SS/GG has got our Komen Race for the Cure team registered, so if you are around on June 9th, SIGN UP or yoda will hunt you down. []

Upcoming Runs:

Tuesday: Kenan @ 6:30
Wednesday: NoBo trail mentoring @ 6:30
Thursday: 4 easy miles @ FF @ 6:20
Friday: Soggy Sole Swim @ CC ~ 5
Saturday: Tobacco Trail run @ Nat’s

What did I forget?

May the trails be with you…


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