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Upcoming events. – VisionWalk, Komen, PTA 5k, FF Silent Auction   Leave a comment

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Sunday Lake Loops   Leave a comment

We survived Blue Ridge last night! To start of training for BRR, we ran up to Blueridge Avenue in Carrboro and kicked its hilly butt! Then we went to Tyler’s Speakeasy and ate too much food in honor of the birthday boy. That a great way to start training in my book…

Sad news: Nana’s dear friend, Neesie, passed away this week. Some of know her through Nana and others through her amazing driving skills on last year’s BRR. The memorial service will be at 3 on Monday at Chapel in the Pines. I am passing the virtual hat around to make a donation in her name from the Blazing Soles. Let me know if you are interested in contributing.

Sunday run: Mary will lead us through two loops of Lake Trail on Sunday, so we will do 8 miles in total. Part at the high school on Seawall in the corner of the lot nearest the trail entrance. Let’s meet at 8 (ten minute window as usual). With graduation weekend, we might be stuck for breakfast, but I would think the crepes truck will work. Who’s in for this run?

May the trails be with us!

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Fleet Feet Sports PTA Fundraiser   Leave a comment

Mary B. asked me to invite the Soles to the PTA fund-raising silent auction at Fleet Feet on 6/2. We could donate a free Soles membership! Seriously, does anyone have any ideas for a BS auction item?

PTA Auction Event.docx

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Tonight @ Community Center?   Leave a comment

Who’s up for some speedwork from Community Center at 6:30 tonight? We can fartlek Bolin Creek, then run MLK and fartlek back down Franklin/roosevelt.


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