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Yoda is back in action after a restful weekend! So I am brainstorming up some devious Soles runs for us! Let’s just hope the heat does not beat us up too badly. Sunday’s 7 am tour of Duke Forest was one hilly slog! Rock’n’Roll outlasted her own car battery during our ninety minute sojourn. Fortunately, Jim came to the rescue with jumper cables (but no coffee) for Kim!

Tomorrow, let’s do a GC free-for-all at Kenan @ 6:30. We’ll do some ladder and balance work plus some stadium steps!

Thursday, what about a 6:20 run @ FF with yoga to follow @ 7:30? This might get swapped out for a video run at McDougle.

We are up for a hot 9 miles this weekend. Any suggestions?

The 4 on the 4th is coming up. Who’s in for for that? Who’s in for the afternoon run+cookout later that day? Who, like yoda, is in for both?

The Miles4Melonoma 5k is on 7/14. Anyone interested?

Training plan:

9: 6-25 Run 45 min Kenan GC 40 min


Run 60


Rest 9 mile


Stretch /


10: 7-02 Run 45 min Kenan GC 40 min


Run 60


Rest 16 mile

Run (TD)

Stretch /


4 on the 4th

Upcoming Runs:

Tuesday: Kenan @ 6:30
Wednesday: Soggy Sole Swim ~ 5:00
Thursday: 4 easy miles @ FF @ 6:20

Friday: Soggy Sole Swim @ CC ~ 5
Saturday/Sunday: 9 mile run

What did I forget?

hurdles beneath you may they be…


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