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Tonight: Free for all at Kenan. We’ll meet at the statue at 6:20 and head into the stadium at 6:30. We will do ladders adn GC work for a bit , then hit the steps. Text both me and nana if you run late and can’t find us.

Thursday: Hart/Wests suggest a 4 on the 4th preview on Thursday! Let’s meet at McDougle. What time? It will be hot tht day, so 7 might be best. Thoughts? The course is (http://www.usatf.org/routes/view.asp?rID=24152): McDougle – Carol – Hillsborough – Hillsborough – Main – James – Carol – McDougle – Victory lap.

Weekend: How about a 7am Soup Bowl Plus from Foster’s on Sunday? We can do Bolin-Fanklin-MLK-Fosters for a 4 mile warm up and then do a soup bowl (up do estes, back down, up to MLK, back down) and then to the community center and back to cool down for a total of about 9. sounds fun, right?

Slimey and Domo have birthday’s next week! Who else is getting wiser?

May the squats be with you!


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