Blazing Fireworks: Monday @ kenan, Wed. MMG+cookout,, thurs surprise & triple weekend.   Leave a comment

What a hot weekend! I was glad to see no one wilt under the heat this morning and grateful that no one was bitter about all those hills.

A happy birthday to Slimey and Domo this week! A big thank you to Invisiball for videotaping last Thursday. If anyone missed it and would like their own fifteen minues of fame, let me know.

With the holiday the week and a triple run weekend coming up, our schedule is a little wacky. We will do a kenan workout Monday, a hill challenge on Wednesday, an easy, alternate workout on Thursday and three runs this weekend.

Monday, let’s do a GC free-for-all at Kenan @ 6:30. We’ll do some ladder and balance work plus some stadium steps!

On Wednesday, we have the 4 on the 4th in the morning (the Hart/Wests and I will be there) and a Mini Mountain Goat Run (MMG) at 3; park at the gravel lot at the corner of 15-501 and Culbreth. RSVP to Nana/Julie for the post-MMG cookout.

Thursday, we are planning an easy surprise!

Over the weekend, expect a 6 miler Saturday morning (probably from Foster’s), a 5 miler that evening at Johnston Mill and another 5 miler on Sunday morning (location TBA)!

The Miles4Melonoma 5k is on +7/14. Anyone interested?

Training plan:

10: 7-02 Run 45 min Kenan GC 40 min


Run 60


Rest 16 mile

Run (TD)

Stretch /


4 on the 4th

Upcoming Runs:

Monday: Kenan @ +6:30

Tuesday: Soggy Sole Swim @ CC ~ 5
Wednesday: 4 on the 4th, MMG, cookout
Thursday: surprise

Friday: Soggy Sole Swim @ CC ~ 5
Saturday: 6 miler @ 7am @ ? + 5 miler @ Johnston Mill @ 6pm
Sunday: 5 miler @ 7am

What did I forget?

May the AC be with you…


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