(52 days and counting) Happy National Ice Cream Day + 7/16 Running this week   Leave a comment

Congrats to the Eno River Crew! That was one tough twelve miles. I have not had my butt kicked so hard by a run in a long, long time. But it was pretty out there! Kudos to Riceball for gettin’ her fish on at the pool on Saturday. Way to rock those waves!

BRR: With 52 days until BRR, let’s all do a personal inventory. Are we ready to roll? Nana and the gang will be meeting tonight to hammer out finances, supply lists and a timeline. Expect some announcement this week. In the meanwhile, is there anything we should be aware of?

Tuesday: Kenan Agility & Stair workout: Let’s play ladders, hurdles and stairs! 6:30 @ Kenan

Thursday: let’s plan an easy campus run @ 6:15. Campus run or Bolin Creek?

Saturday, we are due for a rest weekend, so only 8 miles. Details TBA! Any requests? The following weekend is our Quad Weekend – so 18 miles over four runs.

BRR training plan:

12: 7-16 Run 45 min

or strength

Kenan GC 40 min


Run 50


Rest 8 mile


Stretch /


Asheville Weekend
13: 7-23 Run 45 min

or Kenan

BRReminar or


40 min


Run 60


Rest 18 mile

Run (QD)

Stretch /


Upcoming Runs:

Monday: Soggy Sole Swim @ CC ~ 500

Tuesday: Agility & Stairs @ 6:15 @ Kenan
Wednesday: Soggy Sole Swim @ CC ~ 5

Thursday: Easy run @ 6:15 @ ?

Friday: Soggy Sole Swim @ CC ~ 5
Saturday: 8 miler @ TBA

What did I forget?

May the downhill be with you…


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