(50 days and counting) Bolin Creek Soup Bowl on Tuesday & Lobster Run on Saturday   Leave a comment

BRR: Christelle is due home tomorrow! Nana, Mary and I made some progress monday and will have some announcements soon. Two runners (Invisiball and Wreckin’ Ball) have had injuries, so we will have new team members. Announcement soon!

Thursday: let’s meet at the Eses Community Center @ 6:30 for a Bolin Creek Soup Bowl!

Saturday, Lobster Run for 8 miles. Libby is leading the run so we will meet at her place. Directions and Route coming soon. Plan to swimk after!

BRR training plan:

12: 7-16 Run 45 min

or strength

Kenan GC 40 min


Run 50


Rest 8 mile


Stretch /


Asheville Weekend
13: 7-23 Run 45 min

or Kenan

BRReminar or


40 min


Run 60


Rest 18 mile

Run (QD)

Stretch /


Upcoming Runs:

Wednesday: Soggy Sole Swim @ CC ~ 5

Thursday: Bolin Creek Soup Bowl @ 6:30 @ Community Center

Friday: Soggy Sole Swim @ CC ~ 5
Saturday: 8 mile Lobster Run @ 8 @ Libby’s
Monday: Soggy Sole Swim @ CC ~ 500

Tuesday: BRReminar @ 6:15 @ Kenan

What did I forget?

May a cool breeze be with you…


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