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When are the Soles caravaning to Raleigh to see Natalie in Brigadoon? The show runs September 6 – 23, 2012. dd

See the Brigadoon Trailer (featuring our very own celebrity) here: And

Shows are 7:30 Thu-Sat, 2pm on Sundays. the Thursday night shows are $10 and the weekend shows are $20, but, if we can get ten soles together, we can get a $12 group rate. purchase tickets for Brigadoon here:, but, if we can get a groupd together, bank of yoda can get the tickets.

Who’s in? Which weekend and which night?

The show is at Burning Coal Theatre Company (224 Polk Street, Raleigh NC 27604). This seems to be in downtown Raleigh.

The classic American musical by Lerner & Lowe, directed by Emily Ranii. With choreography by Robin Harris and music direction by Julie Oliver. Brigadoon tells the story of two Wall Street men who journey on a hunting trip to Scotland. While deep in the misty woods, they discover a small town that isn’t on any map. Once inside, they discover something rarer still.

Estimated run time: 2 hours.

“A stranger could stay if he loved someone here… not Brigadoon itself, mind, but someone in Brigadoon… enough to be willing to give up everything to stay near that person… which is only right because after all, lad… if you love someone deeply enough, anything is possible.”


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