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Hola Soles,

First, thanks to all the Musical Soles who headed over to Raleigh on Saturday to wander into mystical Scotland. It was a whole lot of fun and our dearie Natalie was amazing.

If ye did nae make it to the show (, there are just four more performances this weekend (Thus-Sat @ 7:30 and Sun @ 2). Let me know if you want to organize an outing.

Many of us are still recovering from the whole BRR experience (me included), so bear with my lack of organization. What are some Soles events (big and small) that are coming up. OBX weekend is around 11/10. Uwharie is coming up in February. What other races and events should be on our radar? We are getting ready to cobble together a training plan for the Uhwarie 20, so expect some nice trail running through the fall and winter. Eno River and Umstead, here we come!

Lynne suggested that we do a run to support the American Tobacco Trail, but I did not get to her email in time. The last of these is Tuesday at 6 and I can’t make it that early. See the email below for more details. If you can get out there by 6, it’s a worthy cause.

Unless anyone has some better suggestions, let me posit some runs for this week: Bolin Creek on Tuesday, Campus on Thursday and Briar Chapel on Saturday. Thoughts? Suggestions? Mutinies?

Upcoming Runs:

Tuesday: Bolin Creek @ 6:30 @ Community Center

Thursday: Campus Run @ 6:30 @ FF
Sat am: Trail Run @ ?AM @ Briar Chapel

What did I forget?


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