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What a refreshingly soggy short trail run this morning! Good to see so many soggy Soles. It was good to see folks at the 10k Saturday, but I couldn’t stop to chat. Hope everyone had a good run! Congrats to Roger for his exciting 4th place finish in his age group.

An early happy birthday to Z-ball (ball-Z?)!

Less than 5 weeks to OBX. Are you coming? Feeling excited? Ready to run? Just remember that it is all about the fun and the food. Lacing up Sunday morning is just icing on the cake.

I will be out of town Thursday through the weekend, so will miss the runs. Several other folks are going to be MIA as well. So who is taking charge of the weekend trail run?

See you all at Community Center on Tuesday! Let’s try that combo trail/road route from last week if the weather holds. Bring night gear!!!

Upcoming Runs:
Tuesday: Bolin Creek @ 6:15 @ Community Center

Thursday: Campus Run @ 6:30 @ FF

Sunday: Trail Run @ 8:30 AM @ ???

What did I forget? Mutinies, as always, encouraged.

May blazing new worlds open up for you!


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