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Running into December….   Leave a comment

Thank you all for making my Turkey Day exxtra special and for bringing a whole lot o’ joy and meaning to my life.

Monday is our favorite Ah Sole’s birthday, so let’s hoist some fermented hops in his honor after working up an appetite on Tuesday. 6:30 run from FF, followed by beers at 8 at Tyler’s unless we hear otherwise from the birthday boy…

Who’s going to the Rock on Saturday? Who’s staying local for a trail run?

Runs this week:
Tuesday: 6:30 @ FF
Thursday: Boiin Creek @ 6:15 @ CC
Saturday : Trail Runl @ 9? or Run @ Rock

What did I forget?

May turkey and cranberry sauce with you!

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Share the Sweat (Hug A Runner Day) | Run The Edge Blog   Leave a comment

let the humorous commentary begin….

Share the Sweat (Hug A Runner Day)

Posted on October 25, 2012 by Adam and Tim

November 20th, 2012 is a celebration! Runners of all styles, ages, genders, speeds, sizes, and ethnicities unite in an embrace as we celebrate the second annual Hug a Runner Day!

Last year we declared November 20, 2011 the first annual “Globally Organized Hug A Runner Day!” or G.O. H.A.R.D. Thousands of people attended the event on facebook, random hugs were given, and gallons of sweat were shared!

This year let’s make it an even bigger celebration as we wrap our arms around cross country runners, track runners, road racers, walkers, joggers, and sloggers. Nothing shows our unity better than a great big sweaty hug!

There isn’t much time. The big day is less than a month away. If we are going to be ready, we need to train as much as possible. Just like running, we can’t expect to perform well on Hug a Runner Day if we don’t put in the work beforehand. So…

Photo contributed last year by Julie Knowles

Below are a few training suggestions to help everyone train for the second annual Hug a Runner Day coming November 20, 2012.

1. Interval Hugging: Try both long and short intervals and don’t forget to change leads with your hugging partners so everybody gets a chance to set the pace. We recommend starting with 10 X 40-second hugs with ample recovery. More experienced huggers may want to cut down on the rest between hugs.

2. Long Slow Hugs: This should be a staple of your training program. Set aside time twice a week to share a hug lasting several minutes. Up to 20% of your weekly hugging time can be spent in a single hug. Be sure to choose your LSH partners carefully because this kind of training might scare off newcomers.

3. Speed Hugging: Don’t overdo this especially if you are not already an experienced hugger. Speed training is important but can lead to injury if huggers try to do too much too soon.

4. Hug Visualization: To be at your best you must prepare mentally. In order to be ready for anything, make sure to visualize hugging runners of all sizes, genders, ages, and ethnicities. Unlike in running, we do not recommend hug visualization (HV) while engaged in interval hugging (IH), speed hugging (SH), or Long Slow Hugging (LSH). Leave hug visualization to moments when you are alone.

5. Cross Training: Running couples may want to engage in some “cross training” activities. In fact some of the above workouts (especially the LSH) can lead to cross training. While not necessary, these activities can add a little spice to the day-to-day grind.

5 Ways To Participate Before The Event:

1. Practice hugging as many runners as possible.

2. Go to the Hug a Runner event page on facebook and click the blue “Join” button.

Photo contributed by Colm Fearon

3. Send us your hugging pictures to info, or post them on our facebook page.

4. Invite all of your friends (runners or not) to join the event.

5. Share this blog or write your own.

4 Ways To Participate On November 20th:

1. Wear running shoes all day long. If possible, wear an old race bib. If you see someone wearing these items, run up and give them a hug!

2. Organize a group hug with your training group. (Don’t forget the pics!)

3. Send every runner you know a virtual hug by enclosing their names in double brackets like this ((Adam and Tim)).

4. Commit random acts of hugging.

Most of all have a great time and SHARE THE SWEAT!

**Be sure to like this post and share it on your wall or in your own blog. Happy Hugging!**

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Giving Thanks for Running!   1 comment

Let’s do a packet-pick-up run from FF at 6:30 on Tuesday! Hopefully I can muster a few miles out of these sore feet.

Thursday is a dual run day followed by a trail potluck breakfast. The Gallop & Gorge and the TG Thanksgiving Trail Run are both at 8. Details forthcoming!

Who’s organizing a Saturday AM run? I will bein in sunny Florida…

Runs this week:
Tuesday: 6:30 @ FF
Thursday: G&G or Trail Run @ 8am
Saturday : Trail Runl @ 9?

What did I forget?

May turkey and cranberry sauce with you!

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Fall Running (not Running Falls)   Leave a comment

Thanks to Mary for organizing the weekend Soles run and to Roger for posting tonight 6:30 FF run!

OBX was a great time though I still can barely walk. So no running for me today and probably not Thursday.

Any mutinies for Thursday? Any suggestions for where we run on Saturday?

Runs this week:
Tuesday: 6:30 @ FF w/ Fastball
Thursday: FF run @ 6:30
Saturday : Trail Runl @ 9

What did I forget?

May blisters be not with you!

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Vote for Running!   Leave a comment

I vote that we do some running this week!

NYC Marathon was belatedly cancelled as our favorite Smiley Sole arrived at the expo! So Chirstelle ran Central Park yesterday with a few (thousand) other disappointed runners. She is in contact with the OBX people about upgrading her half to a full for next weekend. So keep up your good marathon wished for Christelle through Sunday!

Any last minute interest in OBX? Christelle and I are running and Kaitlin, Nana and Kelly are coming to cheer (muchos thanks, y’all!). The more, the merrier!

Who’s organizing the run for this weekend?

Runs this week:
Tuesday: Elect to Run @ 6:15 @ Community Center
Thursday: FF run @ 6:30
Sunday : Trail Runl?

What did I forget?

May the exit polls be with you!

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All Hallow’s Runs   Leave a comment

Who’s in for the trail run tomorrow?

Can I get a lift? 🙂

On Tue, Oct 30, 2012 at 8:14 AM, Timothy O’Brien <timothy.c.obrien> wrote:

All Hallow’s run tonight in Southern Village! Let’s meet at 6:30 on the green across from Lumina. Thanks to Tracey for taking the lead on this! Thanks to Nana for some post run treats. Who’s in charge or the tricks?

A big shout out to Sharon! Our favorite Wiki knocked out her first (and only?) marathon yesterday in DC. Another big shout out to Nancy M. and Mary for placing in their age group at the inaugural Eno River Run on Saturday. What a beautiful course, though hilly and technical.

Well wishes and a big ‘Bon Merde’ to Christelle for her NYC marathon adventure!

Any last minute interest in OBX? Christelle and I are running (or limping as the case may be) and Kaitlin is coming to cheer. The more, the merrier!

Trail Run Sunday at Johnston Mill? Any other ideas?

Set you clocks back on Saturday night! who’s looking forward to an extra hour this weekend???/

Runs this week:
Tuesday: All Hallow’s Run @ 6:30 @ Southern Village Green

Thursday: FF run @ 6:30
Sunday (DST ends): Trail Run 9am @ the Mill?

What did I forget?

Have a spooky ‘trick or treat’ this week!

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