All Hallow’s Runs   Leave a comment

Who’s in for the trail run tomorrow?

Can I get a lift? 🙂

On Tue, Oct 30, 2012 at 8:14 AM, Timothy O’Brien <timothy.c.obrien> wrote:

All Hallow’s run tonight in Southern Village! Let’s meet at 6:30 on the green across from Lumina. Thanks to Tracey for taking the lead on this! Thanks to Nana for some post run treats. Who’s in charge or the tricks?

A big shout out to Sharon! Our favorite Wiki knocked out her first (and only?) marathon yesterday in DC. Another big shout out to Nancy M. and Mary for placing in their age group at the inaugural Eno River Run on Saturday. What a beautiful course, though hilly and technical.

Well wishes and a big ‘Bon Merde’ to Christelle for her NYC marathon adventure!

Any last minute interest in OBX? Christelle and I are running (or limping as the case may be) and Kaitlin is coming to cheer. The more, the merrier!

Trail Run Sunday at Johnston Mill? Any other ideas?

Set you clocks back on Saturday night! who’s looking forward to an extra hour this weekend???/

Runs this week:
Tuesday: All Hallow’s Run @ 6:30 @ Southern Village Green

Thursday: FF run @ 6:30
Sunday (DST ends): Trail Run 9am @ the Mill?

What did I forget?

Have a spooky ‘trick or treat’ this week!


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