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Happy Blazing New Year! I hope my actions speak louder than words in expressing how much I appreciate having the Soles in my life. Enough mush, eh?

Spring Mentoring: Looks like Yoda will be some sort of coach for the FF 4 miler program starting at the end of the month. It’s been a while since the Soles did some mentoring, so I would like to encourage everyone to consider doing it again. I am thinking that we can do a Tuesday night run together after the program around 7. Mentoring details are in the email from Nat forwarded below. I know we will be training for the Mountains to Sea run in late April, but I think we will just need to maintain ourselves post Uwharie with some nice Sunday AM trail runs. Soles make for good mentors in my book and doing it together makes it more fun.

Uwharie is a month away! Who is excited? Our training plan calls for a revisit to Eno this weekend (and Jordan Lake next).

12/31 x-train 3M Run


Hill Repeats 4M Run or




3-4 M Run


This week:

Tuesday: I don’t know if any is up for a New Year’s Day run. Thoughts? I would be game for one that is not early morning.

Thursday: A nice easy campus run. 6:15 from FF?

Saturday: Eno @ 8:30? Caravan anyone?

Sunday: Back to the Mill unless there is a mutiny!

May a blazing new year be with you!


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