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Let’s wish our (soon-to-be-remonikered-as) Goofy Sole, Christelle, the best for her Goofy Challenge next weekend! She makes me look not so crazy. 🙂 Run steady and safe, Smiley!

Thanks to Nancy and Nana for bringing out the Abolitionist Soles to see Lincoln on Friday. One of the best movies I have seen in a while. Good food, good company and a good history lesson!

Another nice weekend of running, eh? Umstead offered some fun butt-kickin’ trails on Saturday with all of us doing Company Mill, half sticking around for the Sycamore loop (very pretty!) and two nuts going on for a bit of Loblolly. Thanks, Slimey, for some timely turkey bacon. Then Sunday brought us back to the Mill for a great way to start the day. Thanks to Deb and Christelle for coming to the rescue (I was so tempted to go back to bed!).

Little River is around the corner! So sign up if you have not already and come out and celebrate Bigfoot’s big day! We can plan the caravan next week. Who is signed up and planning to run?

The training plan calls for New Hope on Saturday and Seawall on Sunday. Any mutinies? I vote for 9am starts again like this past weekend.

1/7 x-train 4M Run


Stadium 4M Run or




3-4 M Run


Tuesday: Eastwood Lake Loop @ 6:15 @ Home Team

Thursday: Campus Run @ 6:15 @ FF

Saturday: 9am @ New Hope?

Sunday: 9am @ Seawall?

What did I mess?


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