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Congratulations again to our favorite Goofy Sole for bringing home the Disney bling! Way to go Christelle.Fingers crossed for our Knee-dy Sole’s quick recovery from surgery!

We had lots of good running this weekend. New Hope Overlook was beautiful, first with the fog and then with the sun. And then Sunday with Briar Chapel or Seawall.

Three week til Uwharrie (which I still can’t spell)! Everyone should be excited and a little nervous, but we will have a great time. Look for a logistics email sometime soon (maybe next week). Nana has reserved rooms, so, if you don’t need yours, let her know ASAP…

Little River is this weekend. Who’s excited? It looks to be unseasonably warm (above freezing!). We’ll be planning a carpool later this week. If you aren’t LR’ing, ZBall is planning to run the New Hope loop. Either way, it will be Bigfoot’s birthday, so plan to celebrate!

Sunday? Sunday AM runs seem hard to plan in advance. Input appreciated!

Spring Mentoring: Think about it. Tuesday night speed work would be good for us all…

1/14 x-train 3M Run


Hill Repeats 4M Run or



LT or



3-4 M Run


Tuesday: Bolin Creek @ CC @ 6:15

Thursday: Campus Run @ FF @ 6:15

Saturday: Little River or New Hope

Sunday: 9am trail run

What did I forget?

May the rocks and roots rise up to meet your blazing soles!


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