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There are several emails around on the LR caravan. So I am consolidating.

Best suggestion so far: Carpool from Nana’a ( Carlton Drive cul-de-sac) at 7:35. Parking is not an issue and it will be easier for Bigfoot’s birthday celebrations. If someone can get me to Nana’s before, that would save everyone the extra time/confusion diverting to my place. (Any volunteers for Yoda retrieval duty?)

If you are in, can you chime in so we know who is coming and who is not?

So far: Hart/West clan, Morellis, Kelly, Slim(E)ball, Yoda, Alyson, Kim …

NB: A few folks have pointed out the bib transfer is not normally kosher, so let’s keep that off public forums the Soles email list. I really appreciate that the trailheads are being cool about this for LR!


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